Wazinator KSB616 BabyGrand Stompbox

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Wazinator KSB616 BabyGrand Stompbox (KSB616)

  • Massive Sound - DEEP thumping Bass without EQ

  • Tiny Footprint - fits inside most acoustic guitar cases, so lightweight too.

  • Powerful high gain stompbox - identical pickup system to Dropkick

  • Solid Oak impact bar - translates timber tone to your speakers

Tiny Footprint - Massive Sound. The Wazinator Baby Grand is a powerful stompbox with an identical pickup system to the Dropkick, yet in a super compact design. The Baby Grand is the perfect travelling stompbox and fits inside most acoustic guitar cases. 

At 260 grams or 9 ounces this is just what you need for your next tour overseas or interstate. The joy arrives when this baby is plugged into your PA. Boom, plenty of gain and punch. You can sit or stand with the Minikick, fitting easily around your other peddles and effects.

The pick up system is designed to give a huge bottom end without EQ and without a preamp. Connect the Minikick to a PA or bass amplifier via standard unbalanced guitar lead and you are sorted. There are no batteries to worry about.