Wild Dog PUP Stomp Box

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Hand Made in Australia! The latest generation from what was previously known as the Bigfoot range of Stomp-boxes, this Wild Dog "Pup" offers massive bass tones from exquisite solid desert hardwoods. Many wooden stomp boxes tend to move around during a performance but the Pup is very stable thanks to its special non-slip feet. The manufacturers concept was to build not only the best stomper in the business with a big deep sound but one that was very portable and above all simple to use. Each stomp box is hand made and tuned, these are a beast to behold and a stylish addition to any stage or studio performance!


  • Protective Neoprene sock included
  • Made from exquisite, salvaged desert hardwoods
  • Solid bass sound from compact footprint
  • Beautiful paw print hand carved into surface
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Non-slip base
  • Monster pickup system - big bass sound