Wild Dog Dingo Stompbox

Hand Made in Australia! Wild Dog stomp boxes are the latest generation from what were previously known as the Bigfoot range of stompies. Our mate Peter Woolnough (Wild Dog maker and ex-employee of Byron Music) has had great worldwide success with his range of acoustic stompboxes.
Unique in the land of foot percussion, Wild Dog is stomping its way down from the Nightcap ranges and across Australia, and indeed the world. The concept was to build not only the best stompbox in the business with a big deep sound but one that was very portable and above all simple to use. To quote Ross Ward "sound engineers love this thing"... After 5 years of constant improvement and refinement, Wild Dog as it is known today, was born. Each one hand carved and tuned, this is a beast to behold!
And just where might you find one of these elusive creatures? Under the best boots in the business!! John Butler, Michael Franti, Ash Grunwald, Harry Manx, Troy Casar-Daley, The Brewster Brothers, Abi Tucker, Slim Pickins, Ross Ward, Korinda Christie, Juzzie Smith & Jimi Hocking to name just a few of the Bigfoot family!
The 'Dingo' is made from sustainable bamboo with a slim 19mm body. It produces a big fat toe sound with a lighter heel tone. Just spin it around for a fat heel sound.

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