Wild Dog Dingo Stomp Box WD-D

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The Dingo stomp box is the best seller in the Wild Dog range and it’s not hard to figure out why. The large stable platform is perfect for the working musician offering practicality and cost effective pricing. Alternate tones available between the heel and toe tap and massive thumping bass make this a versatile unit to add to your pedal board.

The Dingo is made from sustainable bamboo with a slim 19mm body. It produces a big fat toe sound with a lighter heel tone. Just spin it around for a fat heel sound.

And just where might you find one of these elusive creatures? Under the best boots in the business!! John Butler, Michael Franti, Ash Grunwald, Harry Manx, Troy Casar-Daley, The Brewster Brothers, Abi Tucker, Slim Pickins, Ross Ward, Korinda Christie, Juzzie Smith & Jimi Hocking to name just a few of the Bigfoot family!
  • Plugs into PA / AMP / MIXER – start with EQ flat
  • Massive thumping sound, Passive power, no batteries needed
  • Bamboo body
  • Bamboo tone cap
  • Laser etched Wild Dog logo
  • Heel and toe sound variation
  • Large stable platform
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Neoprene protective sock
  • Hand made in Australia
  • Length 30cm – Width 14cm – Height 3.9cm
  • Weight 0.7kg