Wazinator Classic KSB319 Stompbox

Gorgeous deep timber tone - perfect with acoustic guitar

You'll find the Classic KSB319 is a beautiful instrument to play. The deep woody tone is what first jumps out at you. This is due to the unique compressed air activation system. As you stomp on the timber surface, this compresses air in the cavity. This air is forced into the diaphram of the pickup. This makes a low and pleasing tone with harmonics similar to an acoustic bass drum.

The Classic is resistant to feedback and has no interference or buzzing problems on large stages. The Classic is a nice comfortable size to have on stage, right under your foot. The large timber pad suits playing with heel or toe, and can be played sitting or standing. The rubber backing prevents the unit from moving around as you stomp. The Classic makes a perfect companion to your acoustic guitar or percussion rig. Of course the timber can handle the full weight of an adult, and some of the heaviest stomping ever.