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PUR Compact Cajon Drum Ebano with Backpack

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From the first stroke on you will experience a well-balanced combination of clear snare sounds and powerful basses. Due to the unique PUR Snare-System, the snare sound can be switched ON or OFF in seconds.
In addition, the Snare-System allows you to tune the tension of the snare carpet to your preference, making every Compact QS an individual Cajon. Factory aligned Clap-Corners compliment your rhythm with additional variety.
The inspiring sound hole of the Compact QS series transforms even the backside into an eye-catcher and offers an alternative conga-like sound. Sit pad is always included.
  • Playfront: Sandwich construction veneered with maple and ebano
  • Backside: Conga-bongo like sound
  • Body: 11 layers of 15mm birch veneered with ash tree
  • Cajon highly padded Backpack included
  • Size: H: 46cm – W: 30.4cm – D: 29.5cm