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Mooer Reverie Chorus Twin Effects Pedal

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Mooer's Twin Series pedals include dual footswitches, stereo input and output, storable presets and a myriad of adjustable parameters. The Twin Series pedals are appealing to musicians from all different walks of life due to their flexibility and the wide range of possibilities, which means they fit in well with all kinds of rig setups.

The Twin Series pedals use floating-point DSP chips, which can handle very complex algorithms so that the overall tone is significantly improved over our previous digital pedals.

The Reverie Chorus includes rich combined tones based on the 5 basal effect modes: Chorus, Rotary, Ambiance, Shimmer and Multiple. Every mode respectively adds 8 kinds of modulated effects. You can add Wah into the Chorus effect to get a rolling effect; add Phaser effect into Rotary to get more spacious effect; add Tremolo effect into Ambiance to get more psychedelic effect, etc.

Above the Chorus knob and Modulation knob, there are 3 knobs to control the parameters. RATE, DEPTH and MIX control the rate, depth and ratio of the chorus effect. SPEED, RANGE and MOD DEPTH control the rate, range and depth of the modulated effect. Even using the same basal effects, the great adjustment range can offer you a totally different experience through different parameters.

The Reverie Chorus includes 5 tone storage channels, which allows you to store your favourite and mostly commonly used tones. It also has stereo input and output, which is convenient for connecting stereo equipment to get professional stereo effects. 

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