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DXP Junior Plus Drum Kit 5-Piece Gold Sparkle TXJ7GS

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DXP TXJ7GS Junior Plus drum kit gold sparkle. Children’s Drum Kit Suitable for Kids aged 3-10!

The DXP Junior 5 piece drum kit is the coolest way for a young child to get started. This complete drum kit has everything to get started and features quality fittings and hardware to stand up to even the most enthusiastic young player!
  • Comes with a 16″x11″ Bass Drum (4 double lugs)
  • 12″x10″ Floor Tom (4 double lugs)
  • 10″x6″ Tom (4 double lugs)
  • 8″x6″ tom (4 double lugs)
  • 8″x6″ Snare drum (4 double lugs)
  • Tom holder,
  • Cymbal holder,
  • 10″ Cymbal on holder,
  • 8″ Hi hat cymbals on stand,
  • Drum stool,
  • Snare stand,
  • Bass drum pedal and drumsticks.