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Carlsbro 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit CSD180

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The Carlsbro CSD180 is a high quality, compact, eight-piece electronic drum kit featuring the enhanced Carlsbro Commander 200 drum module. At your fingertips are a massive 458 high-quality drum and percussion voices along with 26 preset kits.

The CSD180 kit includes a Bass Drum pedal with a 2″ Bass Drum Pad, a Dual-Zone Snare Pad, three Dual-Zone Tom pPads, a Hi-Hat Controller Pedal with Hi-Hat Pad and a Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal and Dual-Zone Crash Cymbal – both with choke. The sturdy four post drum rack holds everything securely and neatly, with hidden cables along with ample pad placement and set-up flexibility to accommodate any performer at home, on stage or in the studio.
  • 8-piece electronic drum kit with enhanced drum module
  • 458 truly incredible sampled drum and percussion sounds
  • Ergonomic Pads with generous playing area and dual-zone operation for authentic articulation and versatility
  • Pads provide maximum rebound and minimum fatigue
  • Ample Pad placement options and set-up flexibility to accommodate any performer or situation
  • Invisible wiring for a professional, integrated aesthetic
  • EZ Collapsable design for quick packup and easy transportation