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AER Tommy Emmanuel Compact 60 Acoustic Amp

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The Sound of Initiation Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp
German amp manufacturer AER - The Acoustic People and the legendary guitarist Tommy Emmanuel have formalized their relationship with the release of the new Compact TE signature acoustic amp. The accomplished Australian fingerstyle player, a two-time Grammy nominee and twice the winner of Guitar Player magazine's "Best Acoustic Guitarist" award, has long been an unofficial AER ambassador and one of the best-known users of the company's products.
Over the years, Emmanuel has relied on a number of different AER amps, and has recently incorporated the company's Colourizer sound-shaping preamp tool into his rig. AER President Udo Roesner explained the approach taken by the company in developing the Compact TE. "Our relationship with Tommy began organically several years ago. He has always played our amps 'as-is'," said Roesner. "No tweaks, no hidden secrets. So rather than piling on a list of additional features that Tommy himself has never relied on, we chose instead to give his amp a truly personal feel by incorporating tributes to several of his influences."
The signature amp is based on AER's best-selling Compact 60, the 60W model used most often by Emmanuel. Aboriginal art etched into one side of the cabinet symbolizes Tommy's deep love for his homeland of Australia and its people, and in particular his connection to Aboriginal Australians. On the opposite side of the cabinet, Tommy's "TE" initials are carved into the cabinet as well as "CGP" - a tribute to Tommy's mentor Chet Atkins, who bestowed upon Tommy the honorable designation of Certified Guitar Player (C.G.P.). Tommy was one of only five guitarists ever to receive the distinction from Chet.
In another subtle personal touch, AER has incorporated a reverb/delay effect setting from the Alesis Midiverb II, long used by Tommy, into the Compact TE's onboard effects section (in position 3). Additionally, contrary to the standard Compact 60, the DI Out signal will incorporate the effects. Finally, the gig bag strap features signature embroidery.
With all his influences in mind, we set out to build Tommy‘s signature amp.
The result is the Compact TE Signature, which features:
• Aboriginal art carved into one side of the cabinet
• "TE" initials & "CGP" carved on other side of the cabinet
• All effects through to DI-out
• Tommy’s original Alesis Midiverb II effect settings implemented into the amp’s on board effects section (position 3)
The Artwork on my amps is from Aboriginal Artwork taken from the first One Dollar Note produced in Australia.. as a tribute to the "First" Australians. It was also featured on some straps that I wore all around the world, as a way of showing my connection to my home country and to let people see how music brings us all together. The Reverbs and delays are based on my original effects that I used all over the world, to tell the story of an Aboriginal Ceremony. My song "Initiation" came from an experience I had as a teenager where I was confronted by a boy who was going to be Initiated and eyes were wild with terror.. An elder of the Tribe stepped in between us and the boy run off… then the old man told me about his Initiation and that he would soon have to face fear and pain, to prove his place in the community… I tried to tell all this in a song using effects to create wind, rain, thunder and animal sounds,,, all with the help of Delays and reverbs…
The Letters "C G P" after my name were awarded to me by my Idol, my hero , Chet Atkins. it means "Certified Guitar Player" and John Knowles, Steve Wariner and myself are the last 3. It’s an honour and also a responsibility too. I spend my life handing on music and sharing all I learn with people all over the world, and try hard to always Honour the players who came before us and set an example to the younger folk to follow.
I love my new Signature AER Amp.. coupled with my Maton Custom Shop Guitars, this is the sweetest sound I ever got from an Amp. It’s warm tones, and true high frequencies are music to my ears! Also, the new reverbs and delays are luscious and clean, never too much. Thank you AER! TE cgp
Tommy Emmanuel

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