Gretsch Deluxe Long Scale Bass Hardshell Case Black

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Gretsch Deluxe Long Scale Bass Hardshell Case Black (0996444)

  • TRAVEL IN STYLE: You're already a musician so you have half of the cool factor nailed down. Don't ruin it with tacky cases. Get the stylish Gretsch for your bass.
  • EASY MOVING: The lightweight design and handle make this case the ultimate for travel and touring. You'll be ready to go at a moment's notice.
  • PROTECT YOUR GEAR: The number one concern with a case is knowing that your gear is safe. This wonderfully lined case ensures that no harm should befall you're lovely bass.
  • PERFECT FIT: You need just the right fit for your bass. Minimize the interior movements and get the Gretsch case that will secure it in place.
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY: The hard exterior of this case makes it great for moving lots of equipment. Even if something bumps into it, you'll know your base is safe.