1963 Fender Jazzmaster Blonde w/ Case

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1963 'L' Series Fender Jazzmaster Vintage Guitar, Blonde and Ash

This is a beautiful clean 1963 'L' series Jazzmaster in the rare combination of see through blonde over an ash body. "Mojo Factor" is listed at a conservative Force Ten. These ash/blonde guitars were special order and are very rare in this country. We have one other, a 1960, with gold hardware but its not for sale, ever. The last one I remember seeing in Australia sold to George Harrison about 20 years ago.
This one is light weight, sounds fabulous and comes in it's original 2nd version brown tolex case. As far as we can tell it is 100% original. Give me (Craig) a call for an 'in-hand' description if you need further information, but really, what do you need to know? It's original, it's incredible and you wanna marry it.