Mint Vintage Gibsons - Always something amazing in store

Already this week we've had two beautiful mint condition Gibson archtops in their original Lifton cases in the store. One was a 1955 ES175N, the other a 1952 ES350N. They've both gone already, but it got me thinking. A lot of amazing vintage guitars and amps come through our doors and go to new homes before we even get the chance to put them up on this site. I'm mentioning this just to remind people that it's always worth a call to us when you are looking for something special -it may have just walked in or perhaps we are about to receive it. In the last two weeks we've had a'57 Martin 0017, a super clean '65 'transition' L Series Fender® Stratocaster®, and an almost mint '66 Oly White Fender® Jazzmaster® come and go without any of you out there in cyberspace getting a look-in. Check out the pics of this weeks Gibsons and here's a 'heads up'- We are very probably , in the next month, going to have a 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard 'Gold Top' available. I remember this one from 25yrs ago and it sounds as good if not better than any 50s goldy I've tried. No price yet, but stay tuned! Craig.