Danelectros are in Stock

We've just received our long awaited Danelectro guitar shipment after many patient months of waiting. We generally 'forward order' these from the factory via our friends at 'AMS' in Melbourne and receive one or two shipments a year. Danelectro were one of Americas most popular producers of budget and odd-ball, but great quality, guitars basses and amps in the 1950s and 1960s. While their products were aimed at the economy end of the market they exhibited good build quality and unique sounds. They found their way into the hands of players like  Jimi Hendrix, David Lindley and perhaps most famously, Jimmy Page from Led Zep. These new 'Danos', made in Korea, are actually much better made than the original USA models I've seen and a whole lot less expensive than those, now very collectible, original examples.Check out our range (and our great prices!) on this site and make sure you come in and try the modern recreation of the 'Coral Electric Sitar'. We were lucky enough to secure two examples from the last production run. Perfect for your Indy Psychedelic project. The twelve string electric is a killer too.